We Stop Adwords Click Fraud Automatically.

ClickCease is a unique click-fraud protection service that monitors your Adwords ads and stops click-fraud activity before it happens, allowing you to get more leads for every dollar spent using Google Adwords. ClickCease is a complementary service to Google Adwords click-fraud filters. What Google does not detect - ClickCease does!

We support both  and  platforms


24\7 Always On Click-Fraud Monitoring

Our system will monitor your incoming traffic, mobile and desktop, for known click-fraud characteristics such as blacklist IP addresses, bad hosts, proxies and more.

Stops Click-Fraud Before It Happens

Unlike other click fraud detection services out there, we don't just detect click fraud, we actually block future click fraud automatically and instantly so the attacker won't be able to see your ads again!

Business-Specific Click-Fraud detection Rules

Every business is different and has its own special needs. We allow you to configure our system to be perfectly suited for your business. Only fraudulent visitors will be detected while innocent traffic stays untouched.

Save Money

Be sure that today, up to 20% of your advertising budget gets lost due to click fraud. If you have us on your side, we will reduce fraudulent clicks to a minimum, if not altogether.

Detailed & Comprehensive Reports

Detailed real time reports are available 24\7. These reports include IP address, location, ISP, keywords used, campaign triggered, device id and much more!

Risk Free

We offer a monthly based contract. No strings attached. You can cancel at any time. We offer a trial period on all protection plans. You will not be charged unless you are happy with the service.

How It Works

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Place a very simple HTML code in your site.

Once you complete the 10 second registration form you will receive an email containing instructions for integrating our sophisticated tracking system to your website.
You will be up and running within 5 minutes.
That's all! You are protected from click fraud. We will take it from here!

We will analyze every click with our special algorithm.

Once a fraudulent IP is detected, we will block it instantly for you or send you an email notification according to your protection plan.

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Relax, concentrate on running your business. We've got you covered.

Finally, you can concentrate on running your business. We will update you from time to time with our findings. Your advertising budget is now safe and worth more leads than before since it is free of click fraud. You can probably expect a greater income from now on.


Payment is made by clicking the suitable button in the pricing area. We use Paypal services to receive payments, first because it simplifies the payment process for you, and, more importantly, because this is another assurance for you that we do successfully provide a click fraud protection service and that our customers are happy. Otherwise, Paypal would not work with us.
Our system monitors your traffic at all times. The moment our system detects click fraud, it also tells Google to block the IP.
Google does detect click fraud, but does not prevent it. Instead, Google will give back credit to your account days after the fraud took place and only after you claim it. The immediate result would be that your ad budget would be exhausted and your ad will not be online for hours or even days. In addition, Google's click fraud characteristics are identical for all advertisers. While 10 clicks from the same IP address in a period of a day is completely normal for one advertiser, another might see this as nothing but click fraud. ClickCease will keep your ad online and will configure the service to suit your business needs.
ClickCease supports an UNLIMITED number of landing pages for each domain on all packages.
We track fraudulent clicks using our unique monitoring technology:

We use a sophisticated "double layer" monitoring system that will catch any attacker. We use:

  • (1) A HTML code that detects the attacker's activity on your website.
  • (2) An Adwords tracking template that connects us directly to Google to get unique information regarding each click.

We provide comprehensive reports regarding your sites visitors, ad clicks, search queries and many more. In addition, we provide a full and detailed report of paid clicks made on your ads. In order to claim credit back from Google, all you have to do is to send Google our report and specify the fraudulent IP. Check out our LIVE DEMO for more information.
As long as you don't exceed it on a regular basis - that's ok. We will not upgrade your plan without notifying you first.
There are no additional fees of any kind and no strings attached.
Yes. Our click fraud monitoring methods fully support https browsing.
Once you subscribe any of our protection plans you will receive an email with all the information you need. You will be up and running within a few minutes.
  • "Using ClickCease cut down my advertising costs on adwords by 20%!"

    Jacob B. / PPC Manager, New York City

  • "ClickCease is the most effective click fraud protection service out there! It's a great benefit that blocking is done automatically."

    Alon B. /Marketing manager, Tel Aviv

  • "After testing clickcease with 3 of my sites, I saw a significant improvement in my adwords budget in only 2 months. These days clickcease is protecting 150 of my sites against click fraud."

    Peter P. /Locksmith

Pricing Options



per month per domain

  • 24\7 Monitoring
  • Real Time Reports
  • Up to 1000 Ad Clicks
  • Up to 10,000 Page Views
  • Cancel at Any Time
  • Ultra Fast Email Support
  • 14 Days Free Trial Period
  • Instant Email Notifications of Fraudulent Clicks



per month per domain

  • 24\7 Monitoring
  • Real Time Reports
  • Automatic Blocking within Adwords Account
  • Up to 5,000 Ad Clicks
  • Unlimited Page Views
  • Cancel at Any Time
  • Ultra Fast Email Support
  • 7 Days Free Trial Period
  • Weekly Email Reports



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  • 24\7 Monitoring
  • Real Time Reports
  • Automatic Blocking within Adwords Account
  • Unlimited Ad Clicks
  • Unlimited Page Views
  • Cancel at Any Time
  • Ultra Fast Email Support
  • Weekly Email Reports
  • Cross Domain Click Fraud Defence Algorithm

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